In order to tackle the labor issues in northern and rural regions of Ontario, the Government of the state is supportive of creating a new immigration pilot program.  The purpose of the pilot program for northern Ontario aims at getting 1,500 foreign workers in every year.

A group of experts was formulated by Northern Policy Institute to ponder over the matter as to how to promote immigration of pilots to the rural and remote regions of Ontario.    The current immigration programs like Manitoba’s Morden Community Driven Immigration Initiative and Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP) contributes towards Ontario Rural and Remote Pilot.

The CEO and the President of the Northern Policy Institute, Charles Cirtwill brief that Ontario’s rural region requires a program on similar patterns to meet the persistent deficiency of labor and the declining population.

With the general provincial election around the corner in June, Charles Cirtwill announces that the next few weeks are going to be crucial for the pilot proposal.  In collaboration with the federal government, Charles Cirtwill plans to propose a pilot program wherein the employment goal of potential immigrants would meet the skills needed by the communities.

The good news is that the federal government and the northern leaders of the federal side are going through the same thought process which can prove to be highly beneficial in terms of the program for immigration of pilots.  Cirtwill is rather hopeful that provincial leaders are going to fall through the proposed immigration pilot program.

The Federal Government is interested in Immigration Pilot Project

Charles Cirtwill is optimistic that the Canadian Government is willing to work in partnership in Northern Ontario on programs like AIP to bring international candidates with the caliber to the field. This program will be formulated to allow employers to hire candidates who are immigrants so as to compensate the requirement of the vacant post for pilots in rural and remote Ontario.

The Government of Canada has shown interest in immigration pilot project.  It has proposed to make immigration easier so as to infuse international talent for the pilot program under Prosperity and Growth Strategy for Northern Ontario.  In fact, Navdeep Bains, the Industry, Innovation, and Economic Development Minister of Canada, considers AIP as a model for expanding the number of immigration cases in the rural and remote area of Ontario.

Cirtwill is anticipating that federal government would integrate separate nomination allotment with Ontario’s annual Provincial Nominee Program quota.  He is hopeful that around 1,500 newcomers would settle in Northern Ontario each year for the next five years.  If the program is successful, he would expand the same to other rural and remote parts of Ontario.

Initiative taken by Morden, Manitoba

The initiative taken in 2012 by Manitoba’s Morden was designed in such a way so as to recognize qualified foreign staff that can fill the gap of labor needed by the city.  The program proved to be helpful for the local community and saw population explosion by 11 % between 2011 and 2016.

Manitoba’s Morden serves as an inspiration for Ontario pilot.   Cirtwill is positive that Ontario will follow suit.

The program needs enormous motivation for settlement of immigrants in order to correct the shortage of skilled employees in various parts of Ontario.