Humboldt Accident

This investigation by Globe and Mail newspaper was as a result of an accident where 16 people died. An Indian driver of a semi-truck rammed his loaded truck onto a bus with Hockey team players from Humboldt Saskatchewan.
The driver was found guilty and put behind bars for eight years. After serving his sentence, he will be deported back to his home country. It could be against his desires since he migrated to Canada to study and probably achieve more in life. However, he worked as a semi-truck driver who was not his initial dream.

Trucking Industry in Canada

The accident is regrettable; however, the immigration officials need to play an essential role in regulating the trucking industry in Canada, and this is what CTA is pushing for. The sector plays a critical role in the country’s economy by creating jobs, and the current vacancy rate stands at 6.6% of all the vacant positions.

Currently, there are 20,000 vacancies, and there will be applications from immigrant workers. The CTA argues that halting the immigration process is not a wise decision. There are good employers out there, and the immigration officials need to look for them. Most drivers would like to work for genuine carriers with a solid work ethic program. Unfortunately, they are many vacant positions that need filling.

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