Do you desire to permanently relocate to Canada? Do the education, health, and career progression in Canada attract you? Not to forget the overall standard of living. In case you might be asking yourself, you can actualize your dream sooner. Here’s why: Canada continuously implements policies that advocate for immigrants moving to Canada in the 21st century. And that’s just one side of the story.

Marcio Mendicino, who is the Canadian Minister for immigration refugee and citizenship had his family move to Canada from Italy after the infamous second world war. Thus, he voices the importance of allowing immigrants into the country. He represents part of immigrants who have had success through immigration.

And the good news? There are several other people whose lives have been impacted positively following immigration, so can you. Navdeep Bains, Canadian minister for Innovation, science, and industry is also a successful person to look up to. Like his fellow minister, his family also immigrated from India.

Together, they teamed up to help enact policies that will facilitate immigration to Canada. The ministers have written recommendations on why you as an immigrant, should be allowed into Canada. It’s true, through their experience that while starting off as an immigrant can be an uphill task at first, there are several opportunities that can help you succeed. These opportunities, you can tap into them and change your life, and that of those around you.

You can also make great strides in Canada’s development just as Ministers Mendicino and Bains have done. They both formulate policies that facilitate immigration to Canada. Furthermore, whether you are migrating as a foreign worker or international student, you will still sail through successfully.

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