With the rapid increase in the use of internet technology the process of job search has become very easy. Compared to the conventional method of printing the resume and mailing them to various companies, now, the applicants can straight away upload the word copy of the resume on the company website. But like every development in technology, the internet also has a negative aspect connected to it.

Since the interaction is taking place online, there are more chances of getting scammed by fake job opportunities. If you are looking for work online, then it is better to take care of some important things. 

In this article you will read about the precautions that need to be followed in order to find work online safely,

So, here they are,

  • Think before dealing with money

When looking for work, anybody can be vulnerable. You have gone through a lot of rejections and you are desperate for work. Under such a situation if you come across somebody who is asking you money in return of a job guarantee, there are more chances that you will be tempted to give money to him.

You must understand that no placement agency will take money from the job seeker for providing a job. They get paid from the employers.

  • Follow your gut feeling

When you go for an interview, make sure you observe the surrounding of the workplace. If the place is dark and gloomy, or not clean, then think before deciding. Sometimes, even if your interview is good there is something which says not to go ahead. Follow the instinct.

  • Stay away from very attractive offers

If you find some offers which are too good to be true, then just make an enquiry about them. You can start with googling about the company and its address. You can even search about the job scam by the name of the company if possible. For example, you can type “XYZ – company name job scam”. You may not get the complete details but it is a good way to start. Most of the times tempting job ads are risky.

  • Don’t provide your private information

The private information may be your birthdate, your marital status, social insurance number, credit card number etc. This information should not be written in your resume. You can even not mention your post office if you don’t wish to divulge your address.

Considering these points while applying for jobs online will reduce much of headaches later. You must understand that if something does not seem right, then it is not.