2020 as a Record-Breaking Year

Even though 2020 began with a global pandemic, IRCC still managed to reach their targets. This was a record-breaking year for Express Entry considering Canada managed to issue 108,350 ITAs before wrapping it up.

IRCC hopes to do even better in 2021 since they’re more prepared for any eventualities. The country has set a target of 401,000 new permanent residents for this year, and 108,500 will be handled by Express Entry.

Who is invited?

Many people who are interested in being Canadian residence wonder what it takes to get qualified.

Here are two examples you a rough idea of the kind of candidates who get invites.

Example 1

Marija is a 31-year-old single lady with a 1-year automobile repair certificate from Serbia. So far, she has five years work experience as an automobile repair expert from her home country. She received her ILETS scores that showed she had a good command in both written and spoken English. She scored CLB 5 in speaking and CLB 4 in reading and listening.

Marija submitted her Express Entry profile back in September 20, 2020 and has now received a job offer in her area of expertise in Nova Scotia. Through Express Entry PNP program, she received 600 additional points and her initial 400 CRS score automatically jumped to 1000; making her receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence in the latest Express Entry draw.

Example 2

Romeo is a 25-year-old carpenter who hold a two-year trade certificate from Republic of the Philippines. He worked in the country for about three years before moving to the province of Manitoba. So far, he has two years’ work experience in the province.

In all four levels, Romeo has a CLB 6 for English language. As part of his career growth, Romeo has gone as far as obtaining a provincial certificate in carpentry.

He has received a provincial nomination under the provincial Express Entry stream. His initial score was 410, but the scores went high to 1010 because of the additional 600 points he automatically received from the program. These points enabled him receive an invitation to apply for permanent residence in Canada.


Canada has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they’re always open to more immigrant workers. The IRCC has proven a point by beginning the year on a high note. All we can do is wait and see how much IRCC will achieve in 2021 and beyond.

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