Who Qualifies to Be an Applicant in the “Parents Sponsorship” Program?

An applicant is a foreign national who is the grandparent or parent of a sponsor. Even though there is no age limits for an applicant, you need to be admissible to Canada. According to the sections 33 and 43 of the Immigration and Refugee Act (IRPA), the inadmissibility grounds include the following:

  • Security: For example, terrorists or a spy against Canada are inadmissible
  • Serious criminality: For example, those who commit an offence in Canada and are jailed for more than six months
  • Health grounds: For example, those who have diseases that could put the health or safety of Canadians at risk
  • Organized criminality: For example, those who are members of criminal gangs
  • Criminality: For example, those who commit an indictable offence are inadmissible
  • Human or international rights violations: For example, people who have killed a group of people because of their religious beliefs or gender are inadmissible
  • Financial reasons: for example, if the applicant aims to file for social assistance after landing in Canada
  • Misrepresentation: If the applicant hides a critical document from the officer)
  • Other matters: For instance, if you don’t appear for an immigration examination

What Happens to the Dependent Family Members in the “Parents Sponsorship” Program?

During the application, one parent becomes the principal applicant, while the other becomes the dependent family member. If your parents have unmarried children under 22 years old, they may also form part of the application. However, there exists some exceptions.

The Process of the “Parents Sponsorship” Program 2020

In January 2020, the government of Canada will open an online application for the “parents sponsorship” program. This system works on a first-come-first-served basis. Therefore, you should enter the system as soon as it opens to avoid being locked out. For instance, the system reached its cap in approximately 15 minutes last year.

After completing the application, the IRCC will invite you for documents submission. You will only have 60 days to submit all documents and forms. Therefore, before the end of March 2020, you should have all your forms and documents ready.

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