Canada has again reopened its International Experience Canada program to foreign applicants who wish to work and live in Canada. You can now apply for the program, which selects eligible applicants for job vacancies throughout the country. However, when you apply, merits are explicitly based on several factors that include age, education, language proficiency, expectations, among others. Before we touch on what you need to know before applying for the three application categories in 2020, here’s a brief look at how you can apply for vacancies.

How to start

Applicants who qualify to be selected will come from 36 eligible countries. However, there are mandatory requirements that you need to meet to get chosen. The minimum age of consent in the countries’ pool, which is 18-30, is first. After you become an employee or intern, you’ll receive either an open or employer-work permit that dictates your terms of employment. The work permit is awarded based on three categories. The categories you can apply for include:

1. Young professional

The application of a vacancy in this category only counts if your main intention is to develop professionally. Following the selection, you’ll get an employer-specific work permit that states you are going to work for a single employer and have no occupation swaps. Also, deliver your occupation records to the National Occupational Classification (NOC) to help with your professional development. Your employer will follow the employment guidelines and laws of the region specified on the work permit.

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