Many Sectors Have Temporarily Halted Their Activities

Therefore, many sectors have temporarily stopped their activities. However, some of the organizations indispensable in the face of the pandemic are having difficulty finding workers. Following the containment measures, the experts estimate that the epidemic could lead to an increase in unemployment worldwide, affecting millions of workers.

The COVID-19 situation is an unprecedented situation that will have irreversible consequences on the country’s economy and the world of employment. As for transport and logistics companies, they are trying to operate at full capacity despite recruitment difficulties. In Canada, many people are also looking for jobs in the online teaching and telehealth sectors, as these sectors show a healthy level of growth.

Also, the most likely scenario is that the current support plans are under-proportionate to the size of the shock. Thus, in the medium to long term, there will be real effects in terms of a decline in activity, a deterioration in the employment situation, and rising unemployment. However, some companies are doing better than others, lasting longer, and job losses are not immediate for all sectors.

Nevertheless, many organizations are furloughing their workers. Remember, the economic crisis unleashed by COVID-19 is having an impact on employment figures. It is, therefore, the recession following the containment shock that will mechanically lead to job losses.


Therefore, even when the worst of the health crisis is behind us, the ensuing jobs crisis is what Canada’s citizens will have to face. However, Canada’s job seekers who find themselves in these situations are trying to find jobs in new sectors. Also, other economic statistics, in Canada and the rest of the world, indicate that the economic impact of COVID-19 is particularly potent.

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