More opportunities in the provinces

However, all is not lost for those who fail the federal test as there are several vacancies in the territories. Typically, most provinces conduct similar draws to the Express Entry system only that they take much lower CRS scores than the federal classes. The Alberta Express Entry Stream conforms to the provincial practice of taking lower scores than the federal government. For instance, during the selection round organized early October, they allowed candidates with lows of 350 CRS score to apply.

Past entry streams for Alberta are cause for optimism among low-ranking candidates because the province sometimes takes CRS scores of 300. Candidates should also take heart in the fact that getting a provincial nomination earns the applicant an extra 600 CRS points. Therefore, candidates can use the regional system as a stepping stone to the federal class program. Applicants who pass the regional nomination are guaranteed of participation in subsequent national draws. Alberta Express Entry Stream The Alberta system gives primacy to the candidate’s affiliation to the state. Applicants must demonstrate familial connection to the province and the ability to positively contribute to its economic growth and diversity. The Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) is the body responsible for selecting suitable candidates.

The AINP prioritizes applicants who:

  •  Are already working or have a job offer in the province
  • Have graduate certification from a Canadian tertiary institution
  • Have family ties that are resident in the province

They are likely to decline applicants who:

  •  Have their Express Entry profile expiring in less than three months
  • Are in the Ineligible Occupations list
  • Are included in the list of high and low-wage occupations in the province
  • Their profession has a high number of applications

Final words

It is the dream of every Canadian immigrant to qualify for the federal classes. However, with opportunities for selection being premium, it makes sense to start with the less rigorous provincial system. The Alberta Express Entry Stream is easy to hack, provided that one has specialized skills and is fluent in French or English.

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