Quebec Skilled Worker Program: The province of Quebec, which is also the province which has the city of Montreal in it, is not one of the participants of The Provincial Nomination Program. The Canadian Government and the Government of Quebec have entered into a series of agreements, which allows the province of Quebec to have their very own selection criteria for all the economic immigrants intending to reside in Quebec.

Quebec has established its very own unique set of rules for selecting the immigrants it feels will be well suited to adapt well to be living in Quebec.

The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an immigration program devised by the Government of Quebec and with a series of agreements with the Canadian Government which does not make it necessary for the applicant to have a valid job offer from either the Quebec or Canadian employer. The candidates are selected for permanent residency through this program. The candidates selected are the ones who are likely to establish themselves economically and also those who intend on making Quebec their permanent home.

How Does This Program Really Work: The Quebec Skilled Worker program has laid down some very specific criteria for qualification which are based on Quebec’s very unique cultural identity. An applicant, which can include the individual themselves, their spouse, a common-law partner and any of the dependent children on their application. It should be kept in mind that under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program, there are additional points awarded to the applicants applying with their families, and especially those who are applying with young children.

Unlike for the rest of the country, this program does not have a list of eligible occupations. If the applicant fulfils the criteria which is set by Immigration Quebec, the individual will be deemed to have qualified for the program regardless of their field of expertise or occupation.

The applicants, who successfully qualify through the selection system set by Quebec Immigration, are provided with a Quebec Selection Certificate, which enables them to apply for a Canadian permanent resident visa. To be able to qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, the skilled worker applicants have to score enough number of points as per the selection system prescribed by Quebec Immigration.

An individual applicant should score at least 49 points which are based on the criteria and an applicant who is with a spouse or a common-law partner should score at least 57 points.

The applicants under the Quebec Skilled Workers Program are not assessed based upon the selection factors of the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

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