Canada’s fourth-largest province, Ontario, held PNP draws in July. The province held three separate draws targeting specific groups that included:

  • The international students-The program is designed to take up people who have exceptional learning gifts.
  • Candidates with a unique job offer- candidates that received a job offer to work in some of the remote or rural communities.
  • Foreign workers-PNP programs are also designed to absorb workers with skills to build a better economy.

Since each province goes about its draws differently, Ontario chose a unique way of doing things. The province issued a total of 1,685 invites expressing interest in the candidates. Candidates that got invited to apply stand a chance of qualifying for job offers. The number of candidates that received the invites more than surpassed previous draws. The only other draw to hold such a large draw sent out 1,211 invitations to candidates eligible for foreign work streams.

The average draw requires candidates to have a minimum score of 33. Ontario’s July draw was a generalized draw that did not target a specific occupation or location requirements. In addition to the general draw, Ontario invited an extra 431 students to apply under the International Student Program.

For these students to qualify for the invite, they have to score an expression of interest of at least sixty-two. The immigration nominee program also issued a separate forty-three invitations to apply to immigrants. The 43 immigrants were listed for the regional immigration program. They can also qualify for job offers similar to the rest of the invitees.

All applicants are guided on how to fill out their applications correctly and submit the documents on time. This year Ontario was quite particular about the submission instructions. Among the numerous meticulous instructions were details on how to submit a signed softcopy of an attestation form. If the applicant does not submit this form on time and in the right format, they will hit a brick wall. The unsuccessful application is sent back. The applicant has failed the entire process. The province proceeds to offer a full refund of the application fees.

What Do We Know About the Foreign Worker Stream?

This program is specially designed to present citizenship opportunities to foreign citizens whom an employer has specifically sequestered. Ontario’s Foreign worker Stream program receives numerous applications each year. Applicants are allowed to send their applications from without the country, making it more convenient for them.

The only requirement for the application process is that you meet the required eligibility standards. To be eligible to make this application, you have to accumulate two years’ worth of experience patiently. Participants are allowed to choose their area of expertise. About this experience, you need to receive a job offer from an employer within Ontario, Canada.

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