The year 2022 has turned out to be an extraordinary year for Canada, owing to the rising number of immigrants in the country. According to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the country registered 35,260 permanent residents in January. It is quite a large number, and it projects even a higher number of immigrants by the end of the year. It is the second consecutive year that the country is expected to achieve over four hundred refugees.

Last year the country broke history as it landed more than 40,5000 immigrants. The high number of immigrants was partly because the IRCC gave permanent residence to those already living in the country. It is amazing how the graph of the flow of immigrants has been on the rise for the past year because the last time IRCC realized such an influx was in the year 1913. This year has started quite strongly for the country, and the graph is expected to escalate even higher than projected in the new Immigration Levels Plan 2022-2024 in February. Canada targets to land 432,000 new immigrants by the end of this year, the highest level in history, but if the projection in January is something to go by, the numbers might even be higher.

Classes of Immigrants and Their Percentage

By January, the number of immigrants into the country falls into three categories, and their percentage varied a lot from what was expected. Of the 35,260 immigrants, 65 per cent fell under the economic class. The level plan’s target was 56 per cent, but it realized a 9 per cent positive deviation. Secondly, twenty per cent of the immigrants fell under the family class, which is 4 per cent lower than the 24 per cent level’s plan target. Finally, the immigrant who fell under the refugee and immigration class was 15 per cent, which was 5 per cent lower than was projected by the levels plan.

Reasons for the varying percentages of immigrants.

The economic class landing was notably high in January because of The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program. The program alone accounted for around 7,700 immigrants in January and was the leading contributor. Since last year, CEC has boosted the influx of immigrants in Canada and has been assisting the country in achieving its immigration levels goal. CEC Accounted for one-third of new immigrant admissions last year and helped IRCC achieve its target.

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