To contain the spread of COVID-19, Canada has put many special immigration measures in place.

Despite these measures, Canada continues to accept immigration applications from Express Entry candidates.

Currently, the Canada’s federal and provincial government operates over 80 economic class immigration pathways.

However, there are a variety of other pathways for:

  • Those who arrive under family or refugee classes
  • International students
  • Visitors

The federal government also scheduled a bi-weekly Express Entry draw, which should take place on 18 March.

Recently, the Canadian government announced special measures to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), you can still submit your Express Entry profiles and permanent residence applications.

IRCC also added that it would continue processing applications in progress.

In addition, the Immigration body will not refuse applications for non-compliance.

Moreover, the IRCC added the biometric submission deadlines to 90 days from the previous 30 days. This move ensures more submissions despite shortcomings.

More time for permanent residence applications

Any Express Entry candidate who cannot submit their completed application before the 60 days can apply for an extension. However, you need a valid reason.

Such applicants can receive a 90-day extension from the IRCC to gather and submit all necessary documents.

If you are a holder of a confirmation of a permanent resident, you can also apply for the extension for the deadline to come to Canada. Just communicate early with IRCC through their web form.

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