Before the coronavirus lockdowns in Canada and around the world, immigrants were still being welcomed into the country. According to Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), Canada welcomed close to 19,200 permanent residents this year. The intake was larger than April and May.

Since the Corona Virus pandemic hit a rough patch, it was the highest number recorded. The only difference with the numbers is they are lower than those recorded at the same time last year. The lower intake number is as a result of COVID-19. Since 18th March, Canada has had travel restrictions. Permanent residents (PR) weren’t also allowed into the country; therefore, IRCC applications were affected by social distancing measures.

Once a candidate is selected for permanent residences, they can apply for citizenship. Citizenship is the last step of the immigration process. After gaining citizenship, an immigrant has the right to participate in the country’s politics. One can also access jobs at higher levels. Another benefit of gaining Canada’s citizenship is that the law allows for dual citizenship; this means an individual can become a citizen in their country of origin and Canada. These benefits are among the reasons why most immigrants choose to work and live in Canada. Below is a list of the leading source countries for Canada’s immigrants;

Source Countries with most Immigrants in June

India (6760)
China (2010)
Philippines (900)
USA (740)
Pakistan (595)
Brazil (560)
United Kingdom (535)
Nigeria (530)
Iran (390)
South Korea (355)
The leading immigrant source countries remain unchanged since June; this means the pandemic hasn’t affected the numbers.

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