June 6,, 2017, got some changes with it to the pool of Express Entry, the driver of economic immigration to Canada. These latest changes to come from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) include, a candidate in the Express Entry pool may acquire extra points under Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) who has a sibling in Canada. The other changes include awarding extra points to candidates who have verified French ability. The introduction of changes has definitely made the Express Entry System more dynamic now.

Although, the mentioned changes had been reported rather early this year in March however they have been executed only this week. For the system, these changes do not seem to be as extensive and helpful as the enhancements made last year in November. The IRCC, back then, had altered the sum of the CRS points rewarded, determined by the position proposed, from 600 to 50 or 200. Also for the very first time, the candidates who, in Canada, completed their study program had been rewarded extra points.

These changes influence who the most?

Very differently from the phenomenon of November, the changes of June 6th do not directly affect the total of the points of the candidates; the candidates shall not see a decrease in the total of the CRS points. Out of all many candidates might return their points, while the candidates having a sibling in Canada or/ and a verified ability to speak French will acquire an increase in their points.

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