However, now that the program is reaching its end, caregivers are becoming anxious. They are worried about losing the opportunity to become a citizen of a developed country with a high standard of living.

Foreign caregivers leave their families and come to a new country in search of better job offers and a chance to restart their lives in a better way. There is a wave of discontent among the caregivers because of the lack of any conclusive answer from the government.

According to Anna Malla of the Caregivers Action Centre, “This is another underhanded way for the government to quietly take away the pathway for permanent residency for caregivers. This is not OK”

It has been observed that if a caregiver loses a job, it takes around eight months to get hold of another one. This trend makes it very difficult for the migrant caregivers to fulfil the two year full employment criteria. These factors are beyond their control.

Faith St. John offers some hope by stating that “An assessment is underway on both of these pilots. This assessment will help determine what pathway to permanent residence should be in place after that date. Options to replace the two pilots or make them permanent will be reviewed and announced before they expire in 2019.”

Caregivers can do nothing more than wait for the final verdict and then take a decision about their future.

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