Are you one of those seeking Canada’s immigration? Want to work in Canada?

Provincial Nominee Programs – PNPs are for you! Know all about Canadian PNPs, their advantages and the nominee programs of different provinces here.

If you are interested to get settled in the provinces /territories of Canada, this program nominates you to apply for it. All the provinces in Canada and its two territories have a unique PNP as per their needs except Quebec which has its own system of selection. Each Canadian PNP has its own guidelines and streams that are specific to the province that allows attracting immigrants having knowledge, skills and experience that are required for the labor market. These programs ultimately aim at the development of the economy of the province and Canada as a whole.

Those Canadian Provinces and territories who wish to participate in this program are required to sign agreements with the IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. This agreement allows those provinces /territories to examine the immigrants who satisfy the requirements. These programs enable the governments to welcome the immigrants efficiently.

Provinces /territories have tailor made PNPs to address their needs. This helps in the selection of nominees who are eligible and willing to work in the province. PNPs can work closely with Federal Express Entry Immigration for faster immigrations.

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