Ottawa, May 3, 2013 — According to a press release from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, (CIC) will be accepting applications to the new and improved Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) as of May 4, 2013.

One of the greatest goals of the government of Canada is economic growth, job creation and prosperity for all those living in Canadian territory. To this effect, a large effort has gone into streamlining and speeding up the immigration process, giving way in 2013 to what is known as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, a program that will help those immigrants who provide the most benefit to Canada in different jobs to be given an expedited service, moving their applications along in a faster and easier way than ever before.

After just one year in place, this program has become so efficient at reducing the backlog that existed in 2012, that the waiting period has been reduced from 15 years to only one year, allowing candidates from around the world to take advantage of an easy and well focused way to immigrate to Canada.

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