Express Entry Draw For PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) Candidates Only

On Feb 1st, the IRCC held an Express Entry draw for only those with a provincial nomination. It was weird for the IRCC to hold program-specific draws, as they were rarer even before the pandemic. Almost all Express Entry draws have been all-program draws.

The all-draw nature of the program paused the Covid pandemic. However, even during the pause, there were Express Entry draws for PNP candidates.

PNP candidates automatically receive an additional 600 CRS points on their Express Entry application

The Future Of The Express Entry Program

The Express Entry Program will probably experience major changes in 2023, particularly due to the introduction of Bill C-19. The main reason is that the new law gives the Canadian Minister of Immigration the power to invite candidates to the program to meet labor force needs and economic goals.

Where before the IRCC invited candidates to the Express Entry program based on CRS scores, they will now start inviting candidates based on various characteristics.

The IRCC recently did public consultations on what these new attribute-based categories would be like. The characteristics used as criteria for invitation may include education, skills, occupation, and language competence. More categories will be announced in the future.

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