Deadline for Submission

For any candidate to receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence, they should submit their Express Entry profiles to the immigration application management system. The deadline for submission for all candidates with 472 CRS point or more is the 27th of October at 06:18:11 UTC.

The CRS Requirements for 2020

The CRS cut-off for 2020 has typically been around 470 for federal and provincial draws. These CRS requirements help the immigration application management system with the selection process.

A significant expectation is a draw held on the 6th of August, which invited trade workers with a CRS score of 415. Another scenario is a Canadian Express Class-only draw whose CRS cut-off was 440 points.

Provincial Nominee Programs usually have a higher requirement as compared to the Express Entry draw because it puts candidates at an advantage. All candidate who receives provincial nomination automatically get awarded 600 CRS points. Not to mention that PNPs offer candidates alternative ways of attaining permanent residence in Canada.

Express Entry candidates whose CRS points are below the cut-off can turn to Provincial Nominee Programs for practical alternatives.

Wrapping Up

The draw held on 18th of November and the large number of invitations sent to candidates is in line with Canada’s commitment to welcome 400,000 new immigrants next year. Most of these new immigrants are supposed to come through the Express Entry draws. It’s clear that the pandemic at the beginning of the year was no reason for Canada to lose sight of its goals.

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