There are also smaller institutions of learning like the University of Lethbridge, Thompson Rivers University, Alberta, Kamloops, and B.C. These could be a favorite option for students seeking a college education.

Mr. James Carr, who is Canada’s Minister for International Trade Diversification, asserted that international students usually boost innovation and promote cultural diversity.

He also said that, if international students migrate to Canada, there is a chance that it will lead to increased economic growth in Canada. He further asserted that those people who will return to their mother countries are Canada advocates when it comes to the promotion of values.

Something else to note about Canada’s international student’s strategy is that it is an investment whose value is a whopping $100 million. This figure is for Canadian nationals studying across borders. It mainly emphasizes the previously disadvantaged group. These groups could not access opportunities like those enjoyed by people living with a disability, low-income earners, and indigenous persons.

Mr. Ahmed Hussen, who is the Minister in charge of immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship, openly expressed his views. He said that international students are ideal when it comes to applying for permanent residence. This statement is an excerpt from the International Education Strategy.

The primary strategy rides on the qualities that make Canada a favorite destination for international students. That said, there are some schools and several programs that are offering studies in English as well as French. Canada also shines due to its hospitality in welcoming communities from different areas of the world. Most people envy Canada’s quality of life, and there are numerous opportunities where students can kick start their careers and seek permanent residency.

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