Canada recently stated that it would go ahead with its Immigration Levels Plan for 2020 to 2022, even although the COVID-19

pandemic is ongoing.

Because of worldwide panic, people didn’t really pay much attention to this news.

People are more concerned about their own safety despite the negative impact of the virus on social and economic spheres around the globe.

As with many other countries, an economic recession in Canada seems certain. The coronavirus has caused an oil price war, which has also had a negative effect on Canada’s economy.

The hospitality and tourism sectors are the hardest hit, with travel plans being placed on hold but other industries will also suffer.

The Bank of Canada has lowered interest rates to lessen the economic burden, and this is the second interest cut this week. Experts say that more will be needed to help Canada through this crisis.

Canada has made its own plans to get through this dark period, as have other countries. Many have introduced a state of emergency, while others issued travel bans to keep their citizens safe. Many stock markets have crashed around the world because of the fears caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The 2020-2022 Immigration Levels Plan should go ahead in spite of COVID-19

The new immigration plan means that more than one million foreigners can enter Canada during the following three years. It is not surprising though that this news has gone unnoticed with the coronavirus outbreak.

The COVID-19 will help Canadians to appreciate why this immigration plan will be beneficial to the economy. Immigrants are viewed as assets who will help Canada to grow her economy in time to come.

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