For those under the age of 14, parents or guardians will collect their certificates as they are not allowed to take the oath. Parents or guardians also do the subsequent steps of signing the affirmation of citizenship form and national anthem on behalf of the children. Besides, they also help the children apply for a passport, change address, and other services.

The oath is crucial for citizenship application in Canada as it allows an individual to vote, apply for public jobs, and run for office. Before applying for citizenship, however, immigrants must have lived in the country for three years within the last five years and completed Canadian income tax returns. Again, they must undergo language, rights, and responsibility tests to be eligible for the swearing-in ceremony.

Weaving of Application Fees

The Canadian citizenship program includes fees for the application and the Right of Citizenship fees to process and determines eligible and prospective candidates. But due to the global pandemic, permanent residents can now apply free of charge. The promise by the Liberty Party of Canada comes as among the policies to begin the online ceremonies for swearing-in of newcomers to Canada.

Unlike most countries, Canada has a higher percentage of immigrants qualifying for citizenship. Currently, the figure stands at 85 percent, with the number rising each year. The announcement of online oaths ceremonies provides an opportunity for immigrants to become Canadian citizens officially.

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