The Canadian government announced that they will be accepting new spousal immigration applications despite the Coronavirus pandemic that has put a halt to various processes. Canada will also be processing common-law sponsorship applications for those within the country and abroad. The new announcement will favor applicants who are yet to submit their forms with the Canadian immigration authorities. The IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) announced that they have the required framework to ensure the safe integration of spouses. The government also continues to refine measures aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19 and facilitating their immigration pilot programs in the wake of the novel pandemic.

Acceptance of Incomplete Applications

The IRCC will accept incomplete applications for permanent residence if the applicant is unable to obtain all the required documents due to the COVID-19 disruptions. However, the applicant must complete a short application form and provide a detailed letter that details the COVID-19 related delays. The letter must demonstrate that you were unable to obtain documents due to disruptions caused by the pandemic. IRCC will keep and review all incomplete applications within 90 days of submission. If your submission remains incomplete within 60 days, the applicant will have an additional 90-day deadline to provide the required documents.

Sponsorship for Those on Social Assistance

If you are collecting last resort social assistance, the general rule is you aren’t eligible to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner. The measure is implemented by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations to ensure that those who solely rely on social assistance for their primary income.

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