PNPs and Express Entry

The other avenue that provides more opportunities during the pandemic is PNP. However, PNP and EEP are closely related because provinces invite applicants who have already applied in the EEP. This means that qualifications for immigration are more or less the same as at both provincial and federal levels.

You might, however, find that a particular province needs skills that aren’t in demand federally. Once you have received a provincial invitation, you automatically get 600 CRS points. These points all but guarantee you success in the next CRS application.

Many provinces, however, have a minimum duration for which you should permanently reside in them after winning the provincial draw before moving out. The average duration for this is three to five years, but it varies from province to province.

The provinces of Nova Scotia, Alberta, Prince Edward Island, B.C., Manitoba, and Saskatchewan have invited applicants for the Express Entry in 2021.

Last year IRCC adapted to the pandemic by holding draws for specific programs in the first half of the year. They held draws for CEC separately from those from PNP as a way of building the numbers. It was only in the second half of the year that they began to hold draws for all programs simultaneously.

IRCC has begun the same trend this year, and they are likely to go into an all-program draw in the second half. Such a move might help them hit the 401,000 immigrants target that they have set for themselves this year.

Even as the draws continue, IRCC will only land successful FSWP candidates after the government lifts COVID-19 travel restrictions. This is the position they have published. The landing time for successful candidates may be nearer than previously anticipated due to the massive vaccination campaign.

Bottom Line

Canada’s containment measures against Covid-19 have been quite successful when compared to other economic powers. The disruption of the country’s immigration programs, have been enormous though. Nevertheless, they have adopted innovative approach to salvage the immigration programs.

It is therefore advisable for interested people from different countries to take advantage of these opportunities. Notably, once you have been accepted, you will still be allowed to travel when restrictions are lifted. The federal government will hopefully lift these restrictions sooner than later with the ongoing mass vaccination exercise.

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