Of the 1500 people that moved to the country, 82% of them stayed in the city they chose when they first arrived. It is safe to assume others moved to a different city when buying their house.

Atlantic and Alberta seem to be the most popular provinces for immigrants to settle down in. 44% of immigrants that moved to Atlantic bought a house there, while 45% bought a house in Alberta and moved there.

Right behind Atlantic and Alberta in popularity is Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, in terms of immigrants settling down. 41% of those who moved to the area bought a home there as well. While 19% of immigrants bought an Alberta home, 20% bought one in Atlantic, Manitoba, or Saskatchewan.

There is no end in sight to the rate at which immigrants are moving to Canada and buying a house there. By far, Saskatchewan and Manitoba seem to be the preferences for relocating immigrants. With 31% of them having bought homes in Atlantic, it is is easy to see which parts of Canada new residents prefer.

In fact, statistics show that for every five people purchasing a home in Canada, one of them is an immigrant. Over the course of five years, officials have predicted that 680,000 homes throughout the country will be purchased by one.

However, not everyone is in a position to buy a house. Some immigrants are choosing to rent a home instead. Many are moving to British Columbia, and 72% of those immigrants chose renting over buying. In Quebec, the percentage of immigrants renting their home is 73%.

If this trend continues, immigrants will become an even more important part of the Canadian housing market.

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