The Canadian health care system was introduced in 1967. Ever since it has enjoyed great success in providing medical services to the residents of the country. The program is publicly funded and it is crucial in providing health care services for free, to the Canadian citizens. The Canadian Health Act dictates areas, levels, and how the healthcare system should be administered.

In a bid to provide comprehensive and quality medical care, the Canadian government has made sure everybody is eligible for health insurance irrespective of their income, medical history, and their standards of living.

On the downside, the healthcare system does not cover:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Home care services
  • Long-term services
  • Dental care
  • Prescription glasses

They only way to obtain these services is via private health insurance or paying for them from your pocket.


What are the Benefits of Health Care Insurance?

Canada has one of the best health care system in the world, which is also referred to as Medicare in Canada. Some of its advantages include:

  • Everybody is eligible– As mentioned earlier, Medicare in Canada is not limited to income, medical history, or standards of living.
  • Provides educational programs– From time to time, the Canadian government through territorial and provincial government educates the members of the public regularly on a proactive approach to general health issues, the importance of medical check-ups, how to avoid lifestyle diseases & injuries, and many more. The government is able to fund these educational programs through Medicare in Canada, which in turn is a publicly funded healthcare system.
  • Provides care for special needs- Senior citizens, disabled citizens, war veterans, and children sometimes require specialized care. The healthcare system in Canada caters for these groups of individuals and provides all the comprehensive medical care services at no cost because it is paid through taxes.

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