The US residents visited different provinces around Canada, and Ontario received the most US resident visitors, which was 3.4 million visits, which was approximately 49% of the total visits of all provinces visits by the US residents during the second quarter. Visitors from overseas countries, apart from the United States, visited Canada primarily to see their families and friends. The trips from overseas travelers summed up to 2 million.

The primary purpose of visiting Canada from overseas travelers was to see family and friends in the second quarter, and it accounted for 40.8% of all overseas trips. Leisure and pleasure came second in the list of overseas travelers as it accounted for a third of the total overseas trips. Ontario topped on this list as well by receiving a total of 98900 visits followed by British Columbia. From the statistics, BC received a total of 740000 visits from overseas travelers.

Overseas travelers managed to spend 3.1 billion dollars during their trip in Canada. This figure was an increase from 3 billion dollars in the 2018 quarter. An average of 1,498 dollars was spent on every trip by overseas travelers. The tourism industry had a variance of expenditures from travelers from different countries. Notably, travelers from China topping the list on spending an average of 2,575 dollars per trip.

The Greater Toronto received the highest number of tourists in Ontario. It also came as the second region nationally in earning. Coast, Mountain and Vancouver managed to be the most top earners from foreign travelers, with overseas travelers spending an average of 790 million dollars, which was 61.1% of the total international spending.

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