A Vibrant Labor Force

Without immigration, Canada will have more people leaving the workforce than entering it. Encouraging more people to enter and permanently settle in the country is the gateway to long-term economic growth and stability. This is because more people will fill the job market positions, start-up businesses, consume goods and services, and keep the economy running.

On October 30, 2020, Marco Mendicino, Canada’s immigration minister, pronounced the government’s commitment to welcoming more immigrants for 2021-2023. Consequently, the previously set goal of welcoming 351,000 immigrants in 2021 now stands at 401000.

Enhancing Canada’s Health, Safety, and Economy

According to the plan, the Canadian Government is committed to protecting the peoples’ health and safety. As a matter of fact, the federal government assures that when a safe and effective vaccine is approved, each Canadian will receive it freely and conveniently. Once the pandemic chaos subsides, the governments will devise a three-year growth program to jumpstart the economy.

The Canadian government promises to go over and beyond to stand with its people throughout the pandemic crisis. As such, it will invest in all the necessary public health measures and support Canada’s businesses in all ways possible. The government is also working to ensure that Canada’s economy will overcome the pandemic and become better, more comprehensive, groundbreaking, and more competitive. Additionally, Canada is looking forward to a more resilient, confident, and more robust middle class.

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