The Role of CBSA

In case you are from a foreign country, and you want to travel to Canada, you must let the CBSA know why you need to be in the country. Your purpose must be essential. Otherwise, they might forbid you from crossing the border. To enhance the efficiency of the CBSA, the agency has been given all the guidelines to use to determine whether a person’s travel purposes are non-discretionary or not.

Again, one of the agency’s main objectives is to keep Canadians safe, especially now that there is COVID-19 claiming people’s lives every day. Therefore, most of their resources are being used to fight the disease. It also means that they might take some time to serve everyone at this period.

During his coronavirus briefing, Trudeau further revealed that they know how hard the travel restrictions must be hitting family members and that the state is looking for viable solutions to the challenge. Despite the benefits that people will enjoy once the US-Canada border is opened, Canadian provincial premiers are worried that the move will cripple most of their efforts to contain COVID-19 successfully. Most of them expressed their concerns over the matter when they spoke to the prime minister on May 28.

Bearing in mind that the state will always put the safety of Canadians first, Trudeau promised that the federal government would collaborate with all the provincial governments to make the best decision for the entire state.

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