In some provinces, there are Provincial Nominee Programs aligned with the Express Entry system. For an Express Entry system, candidate’s eligibility is ranked based on their individual CRS score. The information you provide on your profile is the major determinant of your CRS score. Age, work experience, and education are some of the multiple variables considered in this case. The provision of your language test results goes a long way in proving your English and French proficiency, scooping you more points. However, the date and time an individual profile was created can be used as a ranking factor.

For instance, for today’s draw, the tie-breaking rule was implemented for July 27, 2020, at 11:10:05 UTC. Therefore, candidates with a CRS score of 454 were invited only if their profile was submitted before this time and date. With the inclusion of the recent draw, Canada has invited a total of 65750 candidates in 2020. This number still exceeds the number of invitations issued at the same time last year, despite all the chaos caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Interestingly, Canada has seen the greatest Express Entry draws ever amid a global challenge.

Express Entry Draws Still Ongoing

If you are confident and believe you are qualified, go ahead and submit your Express Entry application. Create a profile with your personal information and skills, which are critical contributors to your CRS score. Have all your documents and credentials ready, and after IRCC confirms that you are eligible, you are accepted into the pool where you are ranked based on your score. You are then granted an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. Despite all the coronavirus restrictions currently in place, Canada is still welcoming global talent and skill worldwide. Your submissions to the Express Entry system are still being accepted, and applications for permanent residence process.

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