An average of 1,400 people is removed from Canada at the point of entry for not fulfilling their residency requirements. While they can appeal Canada’s government decision of removing them from the country, only 1 in 10 succeeds in the process. It is crucial to know the rules of permanent residency before becoming a resident of Canada.

What is a Permanent Resident Card:

A permanent resident card allows immigrants to travel outside of Canada. However, to be considered a permanent resident of Canada you must live in Canada for 730 days out of 5 years.

How to Accumulate Days While Outside of Canada:

There are ways to accumulate days while being outside of Canada which will allow you to stay a permanent resident of Canada. Canada has common-law, so if you are a child travelling with a parent or a spouse of a permanent resident and are travelling outside of Canada, you can still accumulate days. If a Canadian business employs you or you are assigned by the Public Service of Canada to work outside of Canada, you will accumulate days.

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