For many of us, being online is part of our daily lives, finding information is at a tip of the finger is a habit we have developed and loved. With technology soaring high in the last decade, we have taken for granted how hard obtaining knowledge once was. It is even mind boggling to some of the younger generations when there is not enough information about something on the internet and they have to go look it up by hand and actually use their brains. It actually becomes an inconvenience for this generation when there is not an application for something online. Canada is well aware of this and took action and went online with a lot of services including immigration.

Canada has many different visa you can apply for but one major downfall is up until recently the application had to be delivered by mail. Who wants to wait for the mail to deliver their application when they know having an application online is not all that difficult in today’s world of technology.

Canada realized just how much of an inconvenience it was for those waiting to hear something about their application and put their application online. Now non Canadians can apply online to obtain a visa to Canada or at least they can determine if they are required to have a visa before entering the country.

Ontario has just recently started doing online applications for their Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program which is through Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program. This is expect to increase and improve processing times of the applications submitted.

This will help out tremendously due to the fact that Ontario is the most populated city in Canada. Many want to come there when they are choosing where to go with their visa’s because of the size of the city.