Recruiters play the role of mediators between those who are seeking a job and employers who are providing opportunities for jobs. Recruiters are connected to employers belonging to different industries, and using them to find a job automatically helps you explore much more suitable job options that you would have found by yourself alone. Hence, finding a recruiter for yourself at the time when you are seeking a job actually increases your chances of landing at the right job.

Recruiters are determined to pick the most suitable and deserving candidates for a particular position, as their reputation depends upon their ability to find the best employees for a job.

Recruiters get their share from the employers once a certain job position is filled in an organization, and the new employee has been able to hold the position for a certain period.

As a job seeker, going to recruiter can help you explore job options that need immediate fillings and that too without costing you anything on your pocket. Take a look at the following factors that you must keep in mind before going to a recruiter –

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