Canada is growing economically, and one of the reason why this is happening is that people have actually taken a step forward and investing in the country. The proposition is simple, so simple it is amazing nobody had thought of it before. The government has taken two very important steps towards the economic prosperity of the country. On one hand they have embraced immigration, opening jobs and the possibility of citizenship in exchange for a period of employment.

On the other hand, Canada knows the value of entrepreneurship and business, which has allowed the government to create a program in which you can invest in a five year government guaranteed note. In exchange for your investment, you and your family will receive a visa that will allow you to not only visit Canada as many times as you want, but also settle in one of the biggest and most beautiful countries in the world.

With your visa you can apply for any available job you may have an interest in, and, at the end of the five years, you will get your investment fund back and will also receive the opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship as a way to reward your investment in the future of what is known to be one of the strongest democracies worldwide.

As if that weren’t enough, as an entrepreneur, the doorway to the world will be open to you, granting you the ability to conduct business with the United States, the EU, and many other nations around the world, giving you the ability to grow and prosper like never before.