Submit their application
After a candidate has received a CSQ from the MIDI, they should then start their application for permanent residence. To do so, they must provide the required documents and information to the federal government.

What happens when a newcomer arrives in Quebec?
When a prospect immigrant gets to Quebec, they are warmly welcomed at the airport. They are then invited to meet the integration assistant officer who has been assigned to them. When the meeting happens; usually within five days after their arrival, they start working together to build an individualized action plan.

The process is usually smooth and fast. Unlike other countries where the process is tedious and sometimes frustrating, Canadian programs are designed to make international workers feel right at home when they set foot in the country.

It is safe to say that the new program has four steps that are part of its process. These are arrival, francization, and integration into the province’s job market and finally, community integration.

Learning about Quebec’s job market
Quebec offers an optional course for immigrants who want to learn about the job market and socio-cultural realities in the province. All participants get an incentive of $185.

Quebec’s integration services
The new integration services in Quebec are aimed at making things much easier for those interested in immigrating to the region. That is why the immigration assistant officer’s primary role is to monitor their case closely. They are also supposed to guide the immigrants through the process; step-by-step.

According to Jolin-Barrette, this new personalized program considers the fact that immigrants come with different needs and experiences. It enables the government to direct them to the resources that they require most and where they can find customized services and support. He also said that it is one of the government’s action to facilitate successful immigrant integration into the province. Moreover, the measure will create 84 new government employment opportunities.

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