The Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot is of the same design as the federal Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot that was announce at the beginning of 2019. The two programs are created to aid in the movement to rural areas. Ontario province has, however, announced that the recently introduced Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot is not meant to be similar to the federal pilot. The new program was created as an addition to the federal pilot.

So, how do interested parties make an application to move through the Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot? The province has not yet released the mode of application for potential newcomers. Despite reports indicating that the program is looking for skilful workers, Ontario province has not officially communicated on whom they target for the application.


Keep checking this page for latest reports about the program. We are following the immigration program and will provide detailed information when new developments occur.

Why was the province of Ontario chosen for Canadian immigration? Ontario is famed for being a popular destination for residents who are looking for permanent settlement. 2018 saw 64 per cent of new permanent residents admitted through Express Entry select Ontario as their preferred place of residence.

The reasons provided included the solid economy and employment opportunities Ontario offers. Ontario is home to two major cities in Canada; Toronto and Ottawa. Toronto is the hub of technology in Canada. The city has the highest rate of the increasing tech-jobs market in North America. Being the country’s capital, Ottawa has numerous government positions and a promising tech sector.

Ontario is a favourable province for newcomers, and that is why immigrants give priority to Toronto or Ottawa over any other region in the province. The Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot is one of the new plans to enable newcomers to be aware of the prospects and life-changing opportunities present outside the city centres.

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