Federal High Skilled Admissions

From 2018 to 2021, the Federal High Skilled programs targets to increase the admissions by 18 % from the initial 74,900 new permanent residents. In the next one year, the system aims toreach 81,400 admissions and then 85,800 the year after, which is 2020. By 2021 it aims at hitting 88,800 admissions. With only four months left of 2018; data shows that the three High Skilled categories are 18,900 away from reaching its 74,900 annual goal.

PNP admissions

Between 2018 to 2021, PNP systems aim at advancing the number of admissions by 29 percent from its present 55,000. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) plans to boost the PNP admissions by 5,000 in 2019.The increase in 2020 and 2022 is intended to be by 6,800 and 2,500 respectively.

As per the IRCC reports, the PNP admissions has assisted in diversifying the immigration patterns past the large cities in Canada. According to the report the number of economic immigrants settling in areas outside Toronto, Ontario, Quebec and Montreal in 2017 has increased to 24 percent since 1997 which was merely 10 percent.

The Canada PNPs programs have proved to be highly effective since their implementation in 1996. With eight months elapsed since 2018 the PNP systems are only 10,000 admissions away from attaining its 55,000 annual target

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