Foreign nationals waiting for approval on their sponsorship application for a spouse or common-law spouse in Canada may apply for an open work permit. As part of the inland sponsorship program, work permits (SOWPs) are issued to inland sponsor applicants enabling them to get employed between immigration applications. Getting a SOWP offers the following benefits:

You and Your Partner Live Together

The SOWP allows couples to live together while their sponsorship application is pending, which is something that would not be possible without the SOWP or another form of temporary status.

Get a Job While You Wait

Spouse sponsorship applicants through SOWP can stay in Canada in the meantime while their immigration applications are processed. During that time, Foreign Nationals may be allowed to work in Canada through the Spouse Sponsorship Program (SOWP). Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can take between 12 and 18 months to process a spousal sponsorship application.

Building Your Canadian CV

You can support your career growth in Canada by gaining Canadian work experience before becoming a permanent resident. Studies have shown that more work experience in Canada is associated with higher earnings if you get permanent residence. In addition, being in Canada gives you a chance to explore new opportunities, make lasting relationships, and learn a new language if needed.

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