There is a real shortage of doctors facing the Nova Scotia province. As such, the demand for doctors from other parts of the globe has escalated. Now, there is a new Nominee Program of Nova Scotia that offers opportunities to any interested physicians. These opportunities will be provided to all eligible general practitioners, specialist physicians as well as family physicians that own a profile in the Canada Entry system of the Express federal. All the personnel mentioned above will be offered a chance to relocate to the Nova Scotia Province and liaise with the physician’s team there.

Requirements for Immigration

However, there is a catch. Interested candidates have to meet some criteria to be eligible for immigration into the province. Some of the requirements include;
• A valid job offer from the Nova Scotia Health Authority. There is another alternative, though, in the shape of a job offer from Izaak Walton Killam Health Centre that is in Halifax.
• Commit to living and working in the Nova Scotia province full time for two years to be taken into consideration for the selection of this new stream.

Any candidates that meet the above requirements have a higher chance of selection through the program
For instance, if you check on the NSHA’s job opportunities webpage, you will notice that at the moment, there are 124 available positions for interested candidates to apply. These open positions are not restricted to a specific field. They range across different specializations and different regions of the province. Once the selection process is complete, lucky candidates are therefore distributed across the region. At the same time, the selection process caters to various specializations required in the area.

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