Every year, Canada welcomes a high number of immigrants seeking jobs and permanent residence. Some Sectors require a high number of employees hence the large influx of immigrants. Below is a list of fields likely to be on-demand in Canada for the whole of the year and several years to come;

1. Jobs in Labour

A recent report shows 67,000 job openings in labor are needed to sustain the workforce till 2023. Areas such as BC, Alberta, and Ontario will lead to the growth come 2023. Below are labor jobs requiring minimal qualifications, are in-demand and pays really well.


Welders are an important part of the community since they fall under the construction industry. Their job is dangerous, but they work to provide us with the services we need. They weren’t affected by the pandemic, and they continued working. To qualify as a welder, all one needs to have is a secondary certificate. Welders receive at least $28.50 per hour. In Canada, welding jobs are in high demand.


Driver jobs are ranked second in jobs with high demand in Canada, and even though the closure of borders in Canada and the US is still in place, long haul drivers are still on demand. Anyone with a driver’s license can apply for this position. Annually, drivers earn a maximum of $48,600.

Heavy-duty Mechanics

Heavy-duty mechanics are trained to fix and maintain large machinery. It is, however, a job requiring a set of skills. Most industries in Canada require an experienced mechanic, which led to its emerging top 15 in careers on demand. The salary depends on the location; those in urban areas are paid more than those in rural areas.

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