Great Britain is looking forward to implementing the Canadian Immigration system, which is also based on points even though there’s a notable difference between the two systems. The new immigration law is as a result of ideas from Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019. He campaigned for work visas for people with at least secondary education, good English levels, promising employment opportunities as well as a reasonable salary. The changes will include prioritizing skilled individuals such as those with academic technology-related and scientific qualifications.

Attracting the Best Candidates for Immigration in the UK

The immigration system laws got published on 13th July. These laws got set to change those in place, which are point based at the start of the New Year. Under the new system, foreigners applying to work in the UK will have to meet some requirements.

To apply for a visa, individuals will have to attain 70 points which will based on specific skills, qualifications, salaries and their profession. If an individual has excellent English skills or have received a job offer in the field they have trained in from a genuine sponsor, then they earn the first 50 points. The remaining points are from having minimum wages, getting a job in a field where there is a labour shortage or a PhD in a relevant field.

A Breakdown of point-based Immigration in the UK

  • Job offer- 20 points
  • Job has a relevant skill level- 20 points.
  • English knowledge- 10 points
  • Salary between 23,040-25,599 euros- 10 points
  • Salary over 25,600 euros- 10 points
  • Job on shortage occupation list- 10 points
  • An applicant with a PhD- 10 points
  • An applicant with a PhD in Science, Technology, math and engineering- 20 points

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