America and Europe have been in conflict regarding Visa for quite some time. There is a word going around about the European Union ending Visa-free travel to Europe from America. Here are some insights and facts about the ongoing Visa war between the two continents.

The citizens of Europe who live in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Poland, Croatia, and Romania are not allowed to enter the US without a Visa. This has broken into an outrage and there has been a serious consequence. The European Commission has voted to demand that Americans should have a Visa in order to travel to Europe.

Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) is a program which runs with several countries of the European continent ever since the 1980s. This program is open to many countries that do not have a high nonimmigrant visitor Visa rates and violations. The European Parliament has a legal obligation to suspend the VWP for a year and this has been agreed upon by the MEPs. This serious step from Europe only suggests that the decision to revoke Visa free travels is due to the failure of countries to meet security requirements of the VWP. This fact was stated by the State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs.


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