EB-1 (First Preference)

  • You must demonstrate extraordinary ability in your field of work. You do not need an employment offer; however, you have to meet three of the following – Proof of a nationally/internationally recognised award or price, evidence of published work, proof that your work has been shown in art exhibits or showcases, indication of your performance in the leadership of organisations, and evidence of your commercial success in performing arts.
  • You must be an Outstanding Professor or Researcher – be able to explain that you have received international recognition for your achievements in your academic field, have at least three years of experience and your reason for migrating to the US be to for educational purposes. Even then you need a job offer and meet two of these criteria: Awards for your academic achievements, Original contributions to your research area and Documentation of published material in professional publications in your field.
  • You must have been a Multinational Manager or an Executive – to qualify, you must have been employed at a managerial or executive level outside the US for three years proceeding your application and been on employment for at least a year by the firm company you intend to work for in the US

EB-2 (Second Preference)

  • Have an advanced Degree – apply for a job that requires the advanced degree you have or one that accepts a bachelor’s degree but with five years of work experience in the same field
  • Show Exceptional Ability – to qualify for a green card, you must meet at least three of the following: Academic records showing your qualification in a specific field, letters proving at least 10-years of work experience, membership to professional organisations, license for practice, and proof that your salary represents your exceptional ability among others.
EB-3 (Third Preference)

  • Skilled Workers – You will need to demonstrate at least two years of work experience or training and be able to accomplish work that cannot be completed by a US citizen.
  • Professionals – You will need to prove that you hold a Bachelor degree in a relevant field and that you are performing work that cannot be completed by a US citizen.
  • Unskilled Workers – You must be able to perform unskilled labour that is not seasonal or temporary.


Planning on investment is one of the best ways to immigrate to the US. It is possible to achieve this with an EB-5 visa; however, you are only qualified for this type of visa if you have in the past or presently invested up to 1 million USD on a new business venture. Additionally, you should have plans to create or maintain at least ten full-time jobs in the US to be eligible for the process.

Acceptance to School

Studying in the states does not automatically lead to immigration. However, it allows one to apply for work-visas and eventually Green cards for those who are interested. To qualify for studies in the US on visa, one has to meet the standards below:

  • Have a full-time enrolment in academic, language or vocational program
  • Be competent in English or enrol in a program which teaches English proficiency
  • Attend a school approved by USCIS
  • Have adequate funds to support your entire time in the US
  • Have a residence abroad that you can return to at the end of your course

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