Living in the Great White North!

First things first – where is the Great White North? Take a wild guess. Canada is the country, but it’s not clear who conceived this apt nickname. Canada is the second most gargantuan country on the globe, thus its “Great.” Thanks to its geographic location, most of the country is covered with snow, hence its “White.” Furthermore, it’s north of the U.S. and so close to the North Pole, thus its “North.”

The Great White North is home to about 38 million people, and in 2017, the country had more than 20.8 million international tourists. Foreseeably, both locals and tourists who sojourn the country have conflicting opinions about living in it. Here are the mixed emotions of living in the Great White North.

Finding employment is as easy as ABC.

Both locals and tourists agree that finding employment in the Great White North is plain sailing. As part of the country plan to proselytize its development, it has been invigorating immigrants to the country to fill the employment gap. Both locals and outsiders get satisfying wages across all employment sectors.

Besides employment, locals and tourists celebrate the Great White North as a land that is full of promises of success for anyone who decides to take the entrepreneurial/inventor path. This supporting environment for those with revolutionary ideas has been present in this land forever. Imax, insulin, wireless radio transmission, java programming language, paint roller, and the pacemakers are all world-changing inventions from the Great White North.

Home different cultures

Historically, the Great White North has been taking in immigrants with open arms. It is thanks to this tradition that the country is a welcoming home for different cultures. It is this cultural diversity that makes the Great White North unique from other nations. Wherever you might be reading this from, you can be sure that there is a community from your country that’s thriving in the Great White North. This welcoming culture is not only idolized by locals but also tourists.

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