New figures have shown that the Quebec Skilled Worker’s successful applications are falling drastically. There has been a dramatic fall since an injunction that required the Quebec Immigration Ministry to recommence the file processing.

In April, the immigration industry processed 727 applications, and only 15 percent of them were successful. In March, the applications were 571 with an 18 percent success. This has been a significant decrease based on the fact that three years ago, the MIDI was able to process up to 1000 to 2000 applications and in a month with a success rate of up to 50 percent.

Previously, Simon Jolin-Barette, the Immigration minister, indicated average processing rates of 600 files per month with an unsuccessful rate of 50 percent. These figures are essential since the Coalition Avenir Quebec government plans to cancel 18,000 pending Quebec Skilled Worker application and ask the candidates to reapply and this time, under the Quebec Expression of interest new system.

The provincial government had attempted to stop the file processing by proposing Bill 9 back in February which was effectively adopted even before getting voted into law. This did not last long when on February 25, the injunction was introduced, which forced the MIDI to resume with the processing of applications. From February 25 to March 25; they processed 571 files, with only 102 being successful. In the whole of April, they managed to process 727 applications, and only 111 were a success.

Those whose applications were successful get a Quebec Selection Certificate, which they are required o present to the federal government for them to receive a permanent residence. This is after undergoing a medical and criminal record check to prove their worth.

For the application to be successful, the selection is based on the candidate’s education level, age, and language knowledge and work experience. Bill 9 is however expected to be voted into law in June, but it has already started making its way through the legislation even before the voting.

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