The government of Canada has introduced a new process that will assist them to evaluate whether a person who has applied for immigration to Canada is eligible or not through a process known as the Online Express Entry Profile. All skilled immigrants must use the Express Entry System to migrate to Canada. However, you need to be eligible to be able to immigrate to Canada and become a permanent resident of the country.

This can be done by creating an Express Entry Profile by following a few simple steps. Nevertheless, it is important to know that by completing the Online Express Entry Profile, the government of Canada does not guarantee that you will be invited for permanent residency.

First Step

Before you begin to fill the profile, there is an eligibility criterion under the federal program which is also a part of the express entry profile.

Language test

All the applicants have to complete a language test and demonstrate their knowledge in one of the two official languages of Canada. The results of the language test must be included in the profile during submission.

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