For a couple of months now, the global corona virus pandemic has caused economic pain to governments, companies, and even families all over the world. Even though the corona virus is roiling both global and local job markets living thousands lining up for unemployment, a recent economic report shows it’s not all gloomy.

Canadian’s giant tech sector is the hope of bringing back normalcy to the country’s economy post-corona virus. Overall, any other industry in the country’s economy largely depends on tech firms to meet their daily needs in areas such as capital intensive manufacturing, cyber security, A.I., big data and data privacy, eco-technology, online businesses, and telecommunication as indicated in a white paper report christened “The Post-Viral Pivot: How Canada’s Tech Start-ups Can Drive the Recovery from COVID-19.”

In that report, economic researchers demystified how tech-related start-up businesses are adjusting to the effects of the current pandemic. How they may be the key players in leading to the recovery of the economy when corona virus is behind us, and what will happen if they lack enough backup. The report delineates a bird’s eye view of the current economic crisis and how tech start-ups are the best bet towards a speedy and successful recovery.

This new perception was brought to light by a newly-established coalition of tech industry leaders, better known as the Innovation Economy Council (IEC). The council has been championing start-up firms ever since the Covid-19 crisis emerged.

Despite the mass layoffs and drastic economic shift in almost all firms, the report indicated that the tech industry is actually growing with companies employing more people amid the corona virus crisis. The same scenario was witnessed back in 2008 during the global economic recession.

Though it’s not clear whether the companies that are doing well and doing so because of being already well-positioned to meet the new market demands or they were capable of adjusting their operations in good time to adapt to the drastic changes that were caused by the corona virus.

While the tech firms are thriving, more positions of highly skilled talents keep opening at the dawn of each and every new day in Canada.

Below is a list of tech companies that are currently looking for new and employees, and they will keep hiring post corona virus.


Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. The company has branches all over the world. As recently as May 8, the company advertised for 17 tech-related vacancies. Interestingly, the company is currently making more money by 47 percent than it did in its first quarter last year. While other companies are barely on their feet due to this pandemic, the Shopify platform has grown by 62 percent between March 13 and April 24, 2020. The company is projected to continue expanding and hiring more tech guys even after corona virus is gone.

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