There are expectations of voting Bill 9 in June 2019, therefore, everyone with unprocessed application to re-apply using the new expression of interest system.

The CAQ had also made efforts to abruptly stop all the application processes before Bill 9 was voted to become a law, but they received a warning granted against stopping the applications. The order was processed after the immigration lawyers tabled a case against it.

Experts, however, admit that the decision of cutting immigrants is a joke which is expressing fear to many people in Quebec. Until the voting of Bill 9 in June 2019, it means that all Quebec employers who are looking forward to hiring skilled workers are likely to get little or no help from the immigration system.

So far, thousands of application profiles have been registered for the Quebec expression of interest system and which is a great joy to the Quebec people since they will possibly get more skilled workers to fill the labor shortage within their domain. This system will operate the same way as the express entry system where the profiles that emerge with the highest scores from the entry pool will be selected.

Under this program, candidates are required to submit their profiles in a pool of interest bank and where the patterns with the highest scores are allowed to make applications for immigration through the Quebec skilled worker program. The program aims at reducing the increasing number of immigrants from 50000 to 40000 in 2019.

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