With effect from April 30;

4. All employers in industries with evident labour shortages with the help of TFWP will now hire up to 30% of workers for a low-wage position for one year. Seven industries that qualify for these measures are hospitals, construction, accommodation and food services, wood product manufacture, food manufacturing, furniture and related products, nursing, and other residential care facilities. Also, all other businesses will hire.

5. Canada will also end the current policy that refuses LMIAs applications for the low wage positions in retail trade sectors and accommodation and food services in regions with an unemployment rate of 6% or more.

The labour market in Canada is even more competitive than before the pandemic. By the third quarter of 2021, Canada’s job vacancy has peaked. But, most demands for labor are unmet in the low-wage positions. And according to Statistics Canada conducted in November 2021, the following sectors had the highest vacancies;

• 130,070 vacancies – Accommodation and Food Services
• 119,590 vacancies -Health Care and Social Assistance
• 103,990 vacancies – Retail Trade
• 81,775 vacancies – Manufacturing

In 2021, TFWP approved 5000 vacancies for Global Talent Stream and at least 23,000 positions for high-wage streams. It sums up to approximately 21% of all LMIA-approved positions for 2021. Besides, Canada receives approximately 50,000 – 60,000 foreign agricultural workers yearly. It sums up to over 60% of all foreign employees who enter Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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